Best answer: Which cities are close to Prague?

What towns are near Prague?

12 scenic commuter villages outside of Prague for those ready to leave the city behind

  • Průhonice.
  • Okoř
  • Roztoky u Prahy.
  • Kralupy nad Vltavou.
  • Benešov.
  • Černosice.
  • Unhošť
  • Karlštejn.

What cities are like Prague?

Definitely Vienna and Budapest, both former Austro-Hungarian Empire cities as well as Prague, the architecture and spirit is very similar.

Is Prague near Germany?

Germany is the Czech Republic’s closest neighboring country. It’s just to the west (and north) of Prague. This map of the Czech Republic notes each neighboring country: Germany (DE), Poland (PL), Austria (AT) and Slovakia (SK).

Is Prague the most beautiful city in the world?

Prague was recently voted the most beautiful city in the world and the seventh best city to live in, in a poll by city-dwellers from across the globe.

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