Best answer: Which is bigger Czech Republic or the UK?

What is almost the same size as the Czech Republic?

Its size is comparable to Mississippi (48,434 square miles) and Louisiana (51,843 square miles).

Which is bigger Germany or Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is approximately 78,867 sq km, while Germany is approximately 357,022 sq km, making Germany 353% larger than Czech Republic. Meanwhile, the population of Czech Republic is ~10.7 million people (69.5 million more people live in Germany).

What state is closest in size to Czech Republic?

Texas is approximately 678,052 sq km, while Czech Republic is approximately 78,867 sq km, making Czech Republic 11.63% the size of Texas.

How old is Czech?

Czech Republic

Czech Republic Česká republika (Czech)
• Duchy of Bohemia c. 870
• Kingdom of Bohemia 1198
• Czechoslovakia 28 October 1918
• Czech Republic 1 January 1993

Is Scotland bigger than Czech Republic?

United Kingdom is about 3.1 times bigger than Czech Republic. Czech Republic is approximately 78,867 sq km, while United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, making United Kingdom 209% larger than Czech Republic. … This to-scale map shows a size comparison of Czech Republic compared to United Kingdom.

Is Czech Republic Small?

The Czech Republic covers an area of 78,867 km², making it somewhat smaller than neighboring Austria, and also slightly smaller than the US state of South Carolina. The country has a population of 10.56 million people (in 2016), capital and largest city is Prague, spoken languages is Czech, a West Slavic language.

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Is Germany cheaper than Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is significantly more affordable than Germany, in part because of Germany’s strong economy and higher cost of living. … In addition to its lower cost of living, the Czech Republic is also a much smaller country.

How is Prague pronounced?

Czech Pra·ha [prah-hah].