How do I get from Vienna to Prague?

How much is train fare from Vienna to Prague?

Vienna to Prague by train

Journey time From 4h 25m
Price From €11.90
Distance 156 miles (251 km)
Frequency 23 trains per day
First train 05:02

Is the train ride from Vienna to Prague scenic?

Traveling the scenic route from Vienna to Prague is a great experience in itself, and it is the most convenient option: It is a fast, reliable and comfortable connection between the two cities. Vienna and Prague are connected by the modern, high-speed Railjet trains.

How long is the train journey from Prague to Vienna?

Prague to Vienna by train

Journey time From 4h 32m
Frequency 22 trains per day
First train 00:01
Last train 21:42
Departure station Prague

How much does it cost to go from Prague to Vienna?

Prague to Vienna by train

Journey time From 4h 27m
Price From $14.88
Distance 156 miles (251 km)
Frequency 20 trains per day
First train 00:01
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How many days do you need in Prague?

To really see Prague, it’s best to visit for four to five days. That will allow you to see all the main sites and get a sense of the city’s culture.

How many days should I spend in Vienna?

Between the two, we preferred Vienna by far. If you are wondering how many days in Vienna you will need, I would say you will want at least two full days to explore. Ideally you would stay up to five days, especially if you want to take any day trips from Vienna, but 3 days in Vienna is really the sweet spot.

Is Vienna better than Prague?

Vienna is magnificent and grandiose, whereas Prague is picturesque and medieval. … Vienna is famous for its elegant coffee houses, while Prague is well-known for its beer gardens. Prague has better nightlife with its countless pubs and great beer. Unlike Vienna, many young Europeans go to Prague for holidays or weekends.

Is the train from Salzburg to Vienna scenic?

The scenery on the fast direct route between Vienna & Salzburg is pleasant, but not spectacular.

Is Vienna worth visiting?

For travellers looking to experience the very best Europe has to offer, you’re going to need to visit Vienna while on your trip. The grand capital of Austria, Vienna is the kind of classic tourist destination that impresses visitors with its attractions, atmosphere and culture.

How do I get from Prague to Vienna by train?

Traveling by EuroCity train

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Prague to Vienna is by taking the EuroCity train. This modern and luxurious train will get you to your destination in 4 hours and 25 minutes. It departs 8 times per day.

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How do I get from Prague to Vienna Budapest?

There are direct trains covering the distance between Vienna and Budapest in 2 hours and 47 minutes and they leave their respective station every two hours. If you decide to travel between Vienna and Prague, the journey will last 4 hours and 45 minutes with departures almost every two hours.

How far is Prague from Vienna by plane?

Sure, if it comes to how to get to the destination, you first think about planes. And indeed, 320 kilometers (that is the distance between Prague airport and Vienna airport) will be covered in one hour. Still, the air fare is not that low for ordinary tourists: around EUR600.

Is there a direct train from Prague to Krakow?

There are 2 direct trains from Prague to Krakow Central each day. Though there may be fewer direct services available depending on your exact departure date.