How is Czech name day celebrated?

Do Czech use middle names?

The use of middle names or patronymics isn’t practiced in the Czech Republic. Most forms only have sections for first and last names, so for paperwork purposes, the advice is usually to include the middle name in the first name section, or to exclude it altogether.

What do Czech kids call their parents?

Words for family members in Czech, a Western Slavic language spoken mainly in the Czech Republic.

Family words in Slavic languages.

Czech (čeština)
parents rodiče
father otec
mother matka
children děti

What are common Czech surnames?

Most common Czech surnames

  1. Novák – Nováková This surname holds first place with almost 70 thousands occurences (35.5 thousands of female form, 34 thousands of male form). …
  2. Svoboda – Svobodová …
  3. Novotný – Novotná …
  4. Dvořák – Dvořáková …
  5. Černý – Černá …
  6. Procházka – Procházková …
  7. Kučera and Kučerová …
  8. Veselý – Veselá

What is a Polish name day?

Name day celebrations involve the gathering and socialising of friends and family at the celebrant’s home, as well as the giving of gifts and flowers at home and elsewhere, such as at the workplace. … This tradition doesn’t include regions of Upper Silesia and Kashubia.

What culture is Czech?

Czech people can be perceived as reserved at first. However, once they get to know new people, they are incredibly warm. In Czech Republic culture, people openly share their feelings and thoughts, especially with friends. Generally, the Czech are comfortable with expressing their emotions.

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