Is all Moldavite from Czech Republic?

Is moldavite only found in the Czech Republic?

99% of all moldavites come from South Bohemia, but they can also be found in the far west region of Czech Republic, near Dresden, Germany, or near Radessen, Austria. A popular place for moldavite mining is near Besednice and Chlum in South Bohemia.

How do I know if my moldavite is real?

If the Faceted gemstones do not have bubbles or inclusions, if these appear flawless or clean like glass then they are probably fake. All Real Faceted Moldavite will have some bubbles, any shape and any size & lechatelierite inclusions (pure silica glass – melted quartz), the way only nature can create.

Why is Moldavite so expensive?

Much of it remains deeply buried in the Earth and can only be found in a few regions along with the impact of the craters. This necessitates careful and extensive measures to remove it from the ground leading to a high cost.

Is real Moldavite expensive?

A single 10mm Moldavite bead would cost you around $60-80USD. A Moldavite bead bracelet would cost around $1200-1400USD. Don’t be pulled in by cheap green glass imitations. If it is too cheap then it is probably fake!

Is moldavite worth buying?

Moldavite is one of the fastest growing gems in value, but even the most expensive pieces are still cheap compared to its rarity and low availability. … The crater was created at about same time as Moldavite, that is some 14.7 million years ago during the miocene era. OK, so far so good.

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Are moldavite beads real?

If the Moldavite bead is soft and as thin as a piece of glass bottle, it is not a real Moldavite. It is reported that almost 95% of the faceted Moldavites from Thailand and China are fake. Real Moldavite gems have bubble and swirl formations within it. Real Moldavites have inclusions of lechatelierite.