Is Internet good in Czech Republic?

How is the Internet in the Czech Republic?

In 2020, 88 percent of households in the Czech Republic had access to the internet.

Share of households with internet access in the Czech Republic from 2007 to 2020.

Characteristic Share of households
2019 87%
2018 86%
2017 83%
2016 82%

How fast is internet in Czech?

As of December 2020, the average download speed of fixed internet connections in Czechia was approximately 74.8 Megabits per second (Mbps). Mobile internet connections were a little slower, at around 61.8 Mbps.

Does Prague have good internet?

Connection, especially in Prague and other large cities, is fast and very reliable. Consider Mobile prepaid internet from T-Mobile, o2 or Vodafone. This gives you unlimited access to the internet for around 500 to 800 CZK monthly (offers vary).

How fast is internet in prague?

City Speeds

Rank City Mean Download Mbps
1 Brno 82.51
2 Pilsen 78.05
3 Liberec 74.41
4 Prague 71.40

How much does internet cost in Czech Republic?

The price of Internet 8 Mbps (1 month) in Prague is 317 Kč

How much is Internet in Prague?

Internet and TV packages can be combined, with prices starting at CZK 649 per month, continuing at CZK 899 per month, and ending at CZK 1,599 per month.

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Does Czechia have Internet?

Internet in the Czech Republic and Internet access are largely provided by the private sector and is available in a variety of forms, using a variety of technologies, at a wide range of speeds and costs. In 2013, 68% of Czechs were connected to the Internet.