Question: Are Prague Ratters rare?

How much is a Prague dog?

The average price is most likely going to be higher than a normal small breed dog breeder, as all pups are considered extremely important to continuing the breed in North America. You will probably see prices reflecting between $1,500 – $2,500 per puppy, possibly more if the dog has breeding rights, ect.

Where are Prague Ratters from?

What breed is Prague?

The Prague Ratter—also known as the Pražský krysařík—is rarely seen outside the breed’s native Czech Republic. Considered the smallest dog breed in the world (based on height), these petite pups only grow to be 20-23 cm tall.

What dog is called a ratter?

Ratting with terriers offers a traditional check to the rise of the poison-resistant super rat. … The terrier may be the ultimate country house dog, but they are also the stars of the ratting world.

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