Question: What does the word Prague mean?

Is Prague a word?

a city in and the capital of the Czech Republic, in the western central part, on the Vltava: formerly capital of Czechoslovakia.

What does the Czech word mean?

/ (tʃɛk) / adjective. of, relating to, or characteristic of the Czech Republic, its people, or its language. of, relating to, or characteristic of Bohemia and Moravia, their people, or their language. (loosely) of, relating to, or characteristic of the former Czechoslovakia or its people.

Was Prague a German city?

Prague was chosen as its capital. At this time Prague was a European city with developed industrial background. In 1930 the population had risen to 850,000. For most of its history Prague had been an ethnically mixed city with important Czech, German, and Jewish populations.

What should I avoid in Prague?

What to Avoid in Prague: Tourist Schlock

  • Karlova Street. …
  • Concerts — or anything for that matter – sold by people in period costumes. …
  • Wenceslas Square at Night. …
  • Astronomical Clock Show on the Hour. …
  • Prague’s Scams and Overcharging at Tourist Restaurants.

Is Prague expensive?

While Prague is more expensive than other Czech cities at an average cost of €50 to €80 per person per day, it is certainly more affordable than other Western European cities if you’re travelling on a mid-range budget. …

Where does the name Czech come from?

Czech-language name

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The country is named after the Czechs (Czech: Češi), a Slavic tribe residing in central Bohemia that subdued the surrounding tribes in the late 9th century and created the Czech/Bohemian state.

What is a resident of Prague called?

Selected answer: Praguer.