Quick Answer: Is there a feast day for the Infant of Prague?

What does the Infant of Prague symbolize?

Known as the Infant Jesus of Prague, the statue is placed in the Church of Our Lady Victorious, and it has been a symbol of Christian faith and Jesus’ teaching for millions of people around the world since its creation. The statue is old over 400 years, made in the 16th century and donated to the church in 1628.

Is today the feast of the Infant Jesus?

Nashik: The annual feast of Shrine of Infant Jesus will not take place this year due to Covid-19 but the shrine will be open for devotees to pray. The feast is usually held on the second Saturday of February. This year, it was to be held on February 13-14.

Where should I put my child of Prague?

What do I do with the Child of Prague statue?

  1. he should be placed in the garden under a bush.
  2. he should be placed in the garden facing the house.
  3. he should be placed in the garden facing away from the house.
  4. he should be buried in the garden up to his neck.
  5. he should be buried upside down in the garden.

What is Baby Jesus holding?

he holds a rock in his hand while he shows his devotion to a symbolic image of Jesus on the cross. at his feet there is a lion.

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What does baby Jesus symbolize?

Baby Jesus

As “the Christ child” symbolizes God who became human without earthly possessions. His wretched clothing shows his poverty. Of particular importance is his name: Jesus. Because all translations, whether from Latin, ancient Greek or Hebrew, lead to the statement “God, the Lord helps” and “God is salvation.