Should I visit Budapest or Prague?

Which is safer Budapest or Prague?

During our trips to both capitals, we have never felt unsafe and we tend to walk around everywhere, both during the day and the night. Looking at the statistics, Prague is a bit safer than Budapest and therefore wins this one.

Is Budapest cheaper than Prague?

We’ve waded through all these statistics and we can tell you that, on average, consumer prices in Budapest are about 15% lower than in Prague. Restaurant prices in Budapest are actually higher, but only by an average of 1.35%, so feel free to splash out on a high-class meal in either city.

Is it worth going to Budapest?


Budapest is a wonderful fall and spring destination in Europe. For great weather and a reasonable number of tourists, visit Budapest in late spring/early summer or fall. The city is also a popular winter destination in Europe, when it’s decorated, illuminated, and full of Christmas markets.

Which is better Budapest or Krakow?

While Budapest is a bustling metropolis that serves as Hungary’s capital, Krakow is a smaller and more provincial city. In fact, Budapest is twice as large as Krakow. … But it’s also a much quieter and slower city – a better pick if you’re looking for a relaxing spot.

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How many days should I spend in Budapest?

You could probably walk it all but then maybe more than three days is needed. Plus we spent an afternoon at one of the baths which I highly suggest, definitely a unique experience. I would go for at least 4 days. Budapest is very beautiful and there are some nice sites you may want to see.

Are people friendly in Budapest?

Most people in Budapest are super friendly, there’s so much to do and the city itself is stunning. Most likely, wherever you choose to rent or stay in the city, you’ll be able to see a slice of that amazing architecture from your window!

Is Prague expensive to visit?

Prague can be a very cheap city to visit but it can also be very expensive. It depends where you pull out your wallet. Because there are so many tourists and almost all of them visit the same few sites, it is just good business sense for a shop or restaurant owner to raise their prices and collect as much as they can.

How much do I need per day in Budapest?

You should plan to spend around Ft26,380 ($85) per day on your vacation in Budapest, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, Ft6,559 ($21) on meals for one day and Ft3,122 ($10) on local transportation.

Is Prague near Budapest?

There are several options to reach Budapest from Prague, so everyone can choose the best one for them: a plane, a train, or a car. The distance between Prague and Budapest is 530 kilometers, and, of course, the fastest way is travelling by plane – it takes less than 1.5 hours.

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What beer is served in Budapest?

Today, Hungary has four large commercial brewers which produce mainly light lagers (Hungarian: világos) and German-style dark beers (bocks, Hungarian: barna). Lately, some microbreweries have also set up in Hungary, such as Fóti, Legenda, Monyó, Csupor or Mad Scientist.