What is Matthew in Czech?

How do you say Matthew in Czech?

“Matthew” in Czech

  1. Matouš
  2. Matyáš
  3. Matěj.

What is my name in Czech?

Jak se jmenuješ? What is your name? Jak se jmenuješ?

What is Alexander in Czech?

Czech: Alexandr. Danish: Aleksander, Alexander. Dutch: Alexander. Esperanto: Aleksandro. Estonian: Aleksander.

What is Michael in Czech?

Michal, Czech and Slovak counterpart of the name Michael.

What is Elizabeth Czech?

Elizabeth, Elisabeth – Alžběta.

Is Richard a Czech name?

“Richard” is a common English, German and French male name.


17th-century portrait of Richard the Lionheart, a 12th-century King of England
Pronunciation English: /ˈrɪtʃərd/ French: [ʁiʃaʁ] German: [ˈʁɪçaʁt] Czech: [ˈrɪxart]
Gender Male
Word/name Old Frankish

Is Natalia a Czech name?

In Russian, a common diminutive is Natasha (Наташа).

Natalia (given name)

Word/name Latin, Greek, Slavic
Meaning Christmas Day

Is Luka a Czech name?

Czech, Polish (Luka), and Hungarian: from a short form of Czech Lukáš, Polish Lukasz, Hungarian Lukács, vernacular forms of Lucas.

Is Alexander a biblical name?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Alexander is: One who assists men.

What’s the meaning of Raphael?

Jewish, French, English, and German: from the Hebrew personal name Refael composed of the elements rafa ‘to heal’ + el ‘God’.

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