What is Nancy in Czech?

What is my name in Czech?

Jak se jmenuješ? What is your name? Jak se jmenuješ?

What is Mary Czech?

Mary, Marie, Maria, Mariah – Marie. Martha – Marta. Matilda – Matylda. Melanie – Melánie.

What is Nancy German?

[ˈnænsɪ] noun or nancy-boy noun. (dated esp Brit offensive) 1. (= homosexual) Schwule(r) m.

Is Natalia a Czech name?

In Russian, a common diminutive is Natasha (Наташа).

Natalia (given name)

Word/name Latin, Greek, Slavic
Meaning Christmas Day

Is Anya a Czech name?

Anya (Аня) is a Russian diminutive of Anna. Ania is the spelling in Polish, which is also a diminutive of Anna. The spelling Anja is common in Croatian, Norwegian, Danish, German, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Afrikaans, Slovenian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Serbian and Kurdish. Anya is an old Kurdish name.

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