What state has the most Czechs?

Where did most Czech immigrants settle?

Chicago, tied to the West by rail and more readily accessible to the immigrants, became the most populous Czech settlement. By 1870, other cities with Czech concentrations included St. Louis, Cleveland, New York, and Milwaukee.

Why are there so many Czech people in Nebraska?

Immigration. Czechs who settled in Nebraska during the latter half of the nineteenth century hailed from areas of central Europe known as Bohemia and Moravia, today regions of the Czech Republic, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

How many Czechs are in Nebraska?

As of the 2000 U.S. Census, Czech-Americans living in Nebraska make up 5.5% of the state’s population, the largest percentage of any state. 3,295 Nebraskans can speak the Czech language. Hrbkova has estimated that of the 539,392 Bohemians counted in the 1910 Census, about one eighth lived in Nebraska.

What are the two main ethnic group of Czechoslovakia?

Czechoslovakia was founded by two different ethnic groups, the Czechs and the Slovaks in the aftermath of World War I.

What race are bohemians?

Bohemians are the people native to, or who inhabit Bohemia, the western region of the Czech Republic. In general terms Bohemian is also used to refer to all the Czech people. The country’s capitol, Prague, is located in this region.

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