You asked: What does Dupa mean in Czech?

What does dupa mean?

Noun. dupa f (diminutive dupka, augmentative dupsko) (vulgar) ass, arse. (vulgar) sexually attractive woman.

Is dupa a Polish word?

‘Super’ in Polish is the same as in English but dupa, similarly pronounced as ‘dooper’ means ‘bottom’!

What does wash your dupa mean?

Trivia (8)

Abed’s mom’s Christmas card ends with the phrase “Wash your dupa”. “Dupa” is the Polish word for “ass”. Edit.

What origin is the word dupa?

dupa – Translation from Polish into English | PONS. English.

What is a Dupa Yash?

Dupa yash-Polish for dumb a _ _. fun intended term for someone doing something dumb.

What does Dupa mean in Norwegian?

dupa (also: tyłek, pet, zadek) buttocks {noun} dupa (also: tyłek, zad, zadek)

What does Super Duper mean in Polish?

super-duper {adjective}

fantastyczny {adj. m} [coll.] duper (also: awesome) świetny {adj.

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