You asked: What is the national animal of Prague?

What is the symbol of Prague?

It restored the crown of the Bohemian lion in the crest and changed the motto to PRAGA CAPUT REI PUBLICAE (“Prague, the Capital of the Republic”).

Coat of arms of Prague
Armiger Capital City of Prague
Adopted 1649 / 1991
Motto Praga Caput Rei publicae (English: Prague, Head of the Republic)

What is the national flower of Czech Republic?

National flower of Czech Republic is Rose.

What animal represents Czech?

Today, the Czech lion by itself is also used as a symbol of the Czech Republic. The small state emblem consists of a red shield which contains a sliver split-tailed lion rampant with a golden crown and golden claws.

Are there lions in Czech Republic?

The coat of arms of the Czech Republic (Czech: Státní znak České republiky) displays the three historical regions—the Czech lands—which make up the nation.


Lesser coat of arms of the Czech Republic
Blazon a lion rampant queue forchée argent armed, langued and crowned Or (Czech lands)
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