Your question: How do you express love in Czech Republic?

How do you call a lover in Czech Republic?

Some of the most common: miláčku (sweetheart), lásko (love), zlatíčko (little gold), drahý (dear), kočičko (kitten), princezno (princess), broučku (little beetle). Some of the more unusual ones: prdelička (little butt), puso (little kiss), koloušek (little deer), drobínek (little crumb), mufínek (little muffin).

How do you say my love in Czechoslovakian?

Czech translation: můj milý

when you are calling your significant other a pet name, as in peter, my love, come here please..

What do you not say in Czech Republic?

25 Things Never to Say to a Czech

  • Czechoslovakia is so beautiful!
  • Who is Havel?
  • You’re not all alcoholics, right?
  • Why are there so many hookers here?
  • I don’t like beer.
  • I am a vegetarian.
  • Czech is the same as Russian, isn’t it?
  • It sucks that the metro doesn’t go after midnight.

How do you say love in different languages?

But, they are written differently in different languages.

How Do We Say Love in Different Languages? – Translate Love.

S.No. Language Translation
1 i love you in French Je t’aime
2 i love you in Spanish Te amo
3 i love you in German Ich liebe Dich
4 i love you in Mandarin Chinese 我爱你 (Wo ai ni)
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How do you say yes in Czech Republic?

Click on any of the linked Czech words to play them in your audio player. The audio is available in Real Audio.

yes ano
I’m sorry. Promiňte.
Thank you. Děkuji.
You’re welcome. Není zač. / Prosím.

How do you say goodnight in bohemian?

Basic Czech Phrases

  1. YES = ANO (ano)
  2. NO = NE (ne)
  3. PLEASE = PROSÍM (proseem)
  4. THANK YOU = DEvKUJI VAM (dyekooyi vam)
  5. GOOD MORNING = DOBRÉ RÁNO (dobrye rano)
  6. GOOD AFTERNOON = DOBRÉ ODPOLEDNE (dobrye odpoledne)
  7. GOOD NIGHT = DOBROU NOC (dobroh nots)
  8. HELLO = DOBRY’ DEN (dobree den)

What should I avoid in Prague?

What to Avoid in Prague: Tourist Schlock

  • Karlova Street. …
  • Concerts — or anything for that matter – sold by people in period costumes. …
  • Wenceslas Square at Night. …
  • Astronomical Clock Show on the Hour. …
  • Prague’s Scams and Overcharging at Tourist Restaurants.

Can you drink tap water in Prague?

Tap water is safe to drink in Prague! You can drink water from taps in Prague without worrying about the effect on your health. In parks and streets, you’ll see drinking fountains with clean water; don’t be scared to fill bottles with it.

How do you annoy Czech?

Here are some surefire ways to piss off a Czech currently living in the Czech Republic, or elsewhere.

  1. Cut us in line. …
  2. Assume we are depressed. …
  3. Label us “Eastern European.” …
  4. Call us alcoholics. …
  5. Purposely rip holes in your blue jeans. …
  6. Compare us to Russians. …
  7. Be a vegan. …
  8. Refer to our country as “Czechoslovakia.”
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